Lynch Toyota Reviews Tundra Reasons to Buy

October 15th, 2018 by

The 2018 Toyota Tundra is ready to haul and tow your big loads. There are many competitors, but the Tundra has some important advantages. Consider these reasons to buy the Tundra at Lynch Toyota dealer near Enfield CT.

If you want a truck that has a proven track record for durability and reliability, you can count on the Tundra. It has an above-average predicted reliability rating from the experts at JD Power. Backing that up, you also have two years of maintenance and of roadside assistance, compliments of Toyota.

No other full-size truck has more than six airbags. The Tundra has eight. It has the entire suite of Toyota Safety Sense. While driving, a warning may sound and flash to tell you that a pedestrian is walking into the truck’s path, to tell you that the cars ahead are stopping or to tell you that the truck’s wheels are steering it out of the lane. In the case of traffic or pedestrians, an autobrake may react to slow the truck and even stop it. A lane assist tries to keep the truck within its lane lines. Ready to drive more safely? Value your trade.

Driver Assistance
Adaptive cruise control maintains speed, reduces speed to match conditions, and can even slow the truck to a stop if necessary. Automatic high beams regulate the light to match the driver’s needs and the needs of oncoming traffic.

Big Hauls
Despite its sophistication, the Tundra’s main purpose is to handle your payload or to pull your trailer or camper. V8 engines provide powerful performance, and the truck’s tough build ensures capability.

You can check out the many different Tundra trims at Lynch Toyota dealer near Enfield CT.

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