Collision Centers in Connecticut

10 Tips to Choose A Collision Center in Connecticut

You want a reputable Collision Center that will do a good job repairing the damage on your vehicle and a place that makes you feel comfortable. When the repairs are complete and you get your vehicle back, you should be thinking “Wow, this is just like no accident ever happened, it’s beautiful.”

So how do you go about finding the right Collision Center for you? Here are 10 Steps to Choose a Collision Center in Connecticut:

  1. You Can Choose Any Collision Center You Want. You should first communicate with your insurance provider before even getting an estimate, but there are no restrictions on what shop you can have your repairs done. Even if you had your car towed to an auto body shop, you don’t have to have it fixed there.
  2. Does the Collision Center Give Comprehensive Estimates? The Collision Center representative should provide all the details of your repair, even if the vehicle will have to be dismantled for a complete estimate.
  3. Does Your Auto Body Shop Provide a Lifetime Warranty? The work completed at a reputable Collision Center should back their quality workmanship for as long as you own the vehicle. The work should be protected against defects and if necessary, repaired, replaced, or your money refunded.
  4. Does the Collision Center Have Direct Relationships with Insurance Companies?
    Insurance companies are very particular about who represents them. Many shops have established relationships with insurance companies which can be a sign that they under promise and over deliver to customers. They likely have good business practices, they’re reputable, use the correct parts, follow OEM or manufacturers requirements in doing repairs and don’t cut corners in doing the work.
  5. How Long Has the Collision Center Been Serving the Community? Has your Collision Center been in business for one year, two, five years or more? Is the community aware of this business and are they known to have a good reputation? You want your Collision Center to be in business to honor all warranties and workmanship should any problems arise.
  6. Do they Provide Customer Service Related Services? A reputable collision center will always have alternative transportation to offer for your convenience. The best Collision Centers will have Vehicle Rental Services immediately available. If on-site rentals are not available, do they offer a shuttle service to get you back home or to work?
  7. What is the Timeline for Your Auto Body Repairs? The repair estimate should indicate when the Collision Center will take the vehicle into their shop and how long the job will take. Challenges can arise in the course of repairing auto body damage, but the repairs should be completed reasonably on time. Your Collision Center should communicate with you regularly in the form of phone calls, emails and texts to keep you informed of their progress.
  8. What Kind of Reputation Does the Collisions Center Have? You can check online review sites like Google,, Facebook, Edmunds, SuperPages, BBB, CitySearch, Judy’s Book, YellowPages, Foursquare and others to confirm that the Collision Center you’re considering has a good reputation. A good history will be reflected in previous customer’s comments. After your preliminary research, schedule your estimate to get a really good idea of how you feel about the collision center and the people that work there.
  9. Does the Body Shop Really Care About Your Needs? When you go for your estimate pay attention to how the people there treat you. Do they spend time with you? Do they treat you with respect and listen to you? How do you feel about them? Do they seem professional? Do you get a good feeling about the shop? Is it clean and organized?
  10. Will the Collision Center Get Your Vehicle Back to You Quickly? At Lynch Collision Center, we know that getting your vehicle back in a timely manner is very important to you. Regardless of who was at fault in the accident, you should expect fair rates, honest top quality work and a speedy return of your vehicle.
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